Coppersmithing of the Prat is the ancient Coppersmithing Estruch, constituted in 1992 in The Prat of Llobregat (Barcelona),has like activity the realisation of distinct works of coppersmithing and mechanical.

The works make with all type of materials like stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminium, different classes of plastics, and all this with a wide range of finishings according to the specific needs of each work or the demand of the client.

Among the works that makes this company stands out: the construction and setting of structures, deposits, hoppers, pipes, runways, carts, protections, chimneys, covers, grilles, rails; construction of sieves, trays, filters, stairs, platforms, series of pieces, cover, cupboards and ramps; reparations in general and supply of special materials and to measure, as well as mechanisation and manufacture on plan of pieces and special settings.

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